A bit of a different post from me today, but I am very proud to say, that I have been chosen as one of four finalists in a children’s story competition run by Halesowen College.

I had a fabulous day reading my story to a class from Olive Hill primary school, and thoroughly enjoyed watching them paint pictures for the story. They were a very talented bunch, and produced some beautiful artwork.

There is an excerpt of my story “No Children For Tea” below.

No Children For Tea is a picture book that tells the story
of cranky Mrs Witch who is thoroughly bored of the foods that she eats, so much
so that she decides she wants to eat a child for tea. As she hatches a plan to
snare a child, her faithful companion cat desperately tries to talk her out of
it. A surprise knock at the door has Mrs Witch thinking its her lucky day, but
the boy who arrives has a few tricks up his own sleeve. 
In a rickety cottage, down by the sea,
Witch and her Cat, happy as can be.
Witch loved to eat, she cooked night and day.
would help her and hunt for their prey.
day Mrs Witch said out of the blue
I don’t know about you, but I’m bored of stew!”
“I’m fed up of frogs legs and mushrooms and snails,
tired of broccoli and wiggly mouse tails.
sick of spaghetti and soup made of pea
decided now Cat, I want children for tea!”
leapt from his bed, quicker than lightening
can’t eat children for tea, that is frightening!”
not?” asked the Witch “What’s wrong with that?”
not right” sighed Cat “you silly old bat!”
shrugged the Witch “I don’t know what’s wrong with you,
would love a bit of child chopped up in your stew.”
way “said Cat “I don’t fancy that.
about I catch you a big juicy rat?”

cried the Witch “I’ve told you once Cat,

having children for tea and that is that.
I will roast them with parsnips and cover
them in gravy,
with some salt and pepper for seasoning
shrieked the Cat “why can’t you see?

just cannot eat children for tea.”

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet. The full story will be available soon.